Adam Howse – Live at Noiseberg | Berlin

June 11, 5pm at Atelier Äuglein
Oppelner Straße 12, 10997 Berlin

Noiseberg is an experimental sound art sessions series since 2015 in Kreuzberg, Berlin
Every first Sunday of the month for musicians by musicians

17:00 DOORS
17:30 ↖ Vamilienfa†er
18:15 ↘ Adam Howse
19:00 ↖ Brad Nathanson
19:45 ↘ Rhyannon Styles 20:30
↖ Mia Dyberg & Axel Filip
22:00 END

Adam Howse/ DuChamp/ Ansgar Wilken (DJ Set) – Madame Claude, Berlin | December 12th 2022

DuChamp is an Italian scientist, musician and curator based in Berlin, religiously devoted to drone. She released albums for Boring Machines (“Nar”), Idiosyncratics (“Sculpture”), Full Body Massage (“A Blazing World”). Since 2017, aside baritone guitar and keys, DuChamp incorporate real field recordings in her music, related to her personal memory, into her drone compositions, by adding layers of sounds and noise in attempt to recreate some kind of apophonias.

As part of the ‘Experimontag’ series.

Starts 21:00.

Scalpel – Video Release | 19.2.23

The Scalpel video was created using AI disintegrating itself. The first image was a result of a text input, and the rest are variations and variations of variations, auto generated by the machine, manually downloaded and edited.

This track will appear on the upcoming album ‘Submarine’.

Night Watch – Video Release | 2.2.23

First released track from the upcoming album ‘Submarine’. The Video combines abstract footage with world war 2 footage.


for booking enquiries please email:

howseadam3 [at]


Adam Howse is an Experimental Composer. He studied music in Jerusalem and has been active in the underground music scenes of Berlin and Jerusalem since 2014. His work has been presented at the Venice Biennale, among others. Howse uses turntables, records, samplers and effect pedals to conjure soundscapes of confabulation. His fabricated & distorted pieces are charged with harmonic substance.

Photo: Kimberly Lauren Bryant